Roark Elementary Library

January Update


There are lots of exciting things happening in the library! This month we'll start our Maker Mornings, with First and Second Graders. We'll also start our Lego Lunches with Fourth and our Programming Lunches with Sixth Graders. Plus, we're starting our research units!

Maker Mornings

Starting January 19th, Roark First and Second graders will have a chance to come to the library to work on maker projects during our Maker Mornings. Students will have the chance to work with the 3D printer, Snap Circuits, and our Legos. First Graders will be able to come on Tuesdays and Second Graders will be able to come on Thursdays.

Lego and Programming Lunches

Sixth graders will have the opportunity to come to the library and work on Hour of Code programming challenges during their lunch break. Fourth Graders will work with the We Do robots to learn about physics, engineering and programming during their lunch breaks once a week.


All classes that attend the library will start working on research projects. Students will use the Super 3 and Big 6 to help them complete their projects and will share the information they have learned through technology projects such as Voice Stream and iMovie.

Lots of Library Changes!

Last, but not least, be sure to stop by the library often to see all the new items we will be receiving! From books to furniture, to even more Maker Space items, all of the changes should be great for our kids.
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Check out our new easy to use Ebook page. You can go to and click on ebooks tab. This is a great place to view the different ebook collections Roark has currently. If you are looking for a specific title, or subject, go to and click on the catalog tab. Start searching. If we have an ebook title you would like to read, click on open and enjoy your book!

Image Sources - Pixabay

All images are from pixabay except the Lego WeDo robotics image. Pixabay is a great place to look for free high quality images.