Guide to Bunburying

Living a Second Life

Introduction to Bunburying

What is Bunburying?

Bunburying is living a second life with a different identity.

Why Would Someone Bunbury?

Someone would Bunbury in order to get out of situations or to do tasks that they don't want some people to know about or see them doing.

In this guide, you will learn how to Bunbury. You will discover several problems that you could encounter while Bunburying. There are also some precautionary solutions to help you avoid the problems.

Steps to Bunbury

Possible Problems

  1. A Bunburyist could make a friend in one identity and the friend could see and recognize them in the other identity.
  2. A Bunburyist could also forget to take off his or her disguise and start to live in the other identity. This would cause suspicion and questions when a peer sees them.
  3. Calling someone from the wrong phone number for that identity would cause people to wonder why the Bunburyist has a different phone number.
  4. Someone who is Bunburying could respond to the wrong name that he or she is using at the time. Doing this would make people suspicious.

Precautionary Solutions

  1. Make friends for your identities in separate areas.
  2. Relate your disguises to the corresponding identity. Constantly check if you are wearing the right disguise. Also, set a reminder on your phone to change your disguise when you switch to the other identity.
  3. Get two completely different phones and relate one phone to one identity and one phone to the other. You should also not have the same contacts on both phones.
  4. Relate one identity to one name and one identity to the other name. Practice pausing for a second to think about who you are acting as when you hear one of your names called.

Top Tips

  1. Always double check everything.
  2. Relate certain things to your certain identities.
  3. Think before you respond.
  4. Don't be too open about anything.


This guide provided you with details and tips of Bunburying. Following the steps and having the knowledge of how to avoid possible problems will equip you with what you need to be a Bunburyist. Proceed in Bunburying with caution!