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The capital city is Bangkok

Its population is 67,448,120 as of 2014
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  • To the North is Laos and Myanmar.
  • To the South is The Gulf of Thailand.
  • To the East is Cambodia and Laos.
  • To the west is Myanmar.
  • A physical feature is the Mekong River along the southerm border


  • Ban Chiang is the oldest settlement known to Thailand.
  • After the Khmer they established a kingdom called Sukhothai meaning "Dawn of Happiness"
  • Taksin defeated the Burmese and reunited the Thai.

Taksin went insane but started the Chakri dynasty before he died.

People and Places

  • In Thailand when speaking your tone is important, saying a word with a different tone can completely change the meaning.
  • The main religion is Buddhism ( about 95% of the people are buddhists )
  • Most of the population is rural areas.
  • The middle of Thailand is flat rich farmland.


  • Right now Thailand is lead by King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
  • Thailands government is a constitutional monarchy,
  • Thailand produces more tin than any other country.
  • In Bangkok you can travel on Klongs ( also known as canals ) which also often have floating markets.

Kids Life

  • It is important to respect ones parents as a kid.
  • Kids help around the house by cooking or cleaning.
  • Life as kid in Thailand is very similar in ways like there is still homework, television, and game.


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