Upcoming Events

Redford Theater

A Christmas Story

November 21 - 8:00 p.m.
November 22 - 1:00 and 8:00 p.m
Tickets $7.00 (Special Meet and Greet event with actors)

Christmas Vacation

December 5 - 8:00

December 6 - 2:00 & 8:00
Tickets - $5.00

Santa Claus will be at both shows! I think I will be going to the December 5th show, but it is also Audrey's birthday so I'm not sure.

Black Friday Shopping

I will be making a trip to Great Lakes Crossing at Midnight on Thanksgiving. Currently I am taking 4 girls with me (Audrey, Jinny, Bella and Pam). If the boys want to come they need to call me asap so that I can secure a larger vehicle! Beth is able to pick up the 4 girls on Friday morning. Jan has offered to take a few of the boys (Shane, Jinbo, Chen). Call me for carpool arrangements!

The mall opens at 6pm on Thanksgiving but not all stores will be open. Almost all will be open beginning at Midnight. I have called to mall to ask if the movie theater and restaurants are open and they are still compiling their list. Most likely the food court will be open for sure. I will keep you posted on this!

Community Service

Here are a few outreach opportunities that are available!

Mojo in the morning Time Team

Thanksgiving Basket assembly and delivery

Thanksgiving Parade

I am going with my family to the Thanksgiving Day Parade. We have grandstand seats. If you would like to JOIN US, we are sitting in the Blue Span. I have done this many times and it is really fun. Grandstand seating is great because you don't have to go so early. Seats are reserved!


I will be talking to the Boston office regarding our need for a CCN Club. Watch for your invitation to join so that we can share photos and opportunities between breakfast dates!

Host Families Needed!

We are always looking for potential host families. If you know of anyone that may be interested, please have them contact us! We have students in many of the parochial schools in Oakland and Macomb counties.

Contact Your CCN Michigan Team:

Jessie Kubacki, Michigan Director
(248) 302-1984
Anne Kelly, Homestay Coordinator, Macomb
(586) 489-8722

Kim Adragna, Homestay Coordinator, Oakland
(248) 298-6400
Janet Gerula, Academic Coordinator

(586) 322-8052