Happy New Years 杨


Chinese Mandarin Elementary School

I went to the Chinese Festival at the Mandarin Elementary School and had an great experience. Me and Sabrina help to set up tents and did some face painting. Later on i went to work at the prize booth were the kids come to turn there tokens in for a prize (it's basically like paying for a toy). The other volunteers from HAIS that was there was very eager to be there and help everyone. At the end of the day we all had a wonderful time working with the staff and teachers. And the kids were such a delightful bunch of happiness.


My school hosted a Chinese Festival for the first time and i have to say it as pretty decent and nice. I had a great time being able to participate and sing a song for my fellow classmates. Also I enjoy the program with the dances, singing, and the fashion show. It was all a great experience and I hope to be more involved next year.

A Few Pictures

Thank You!!!- 爱玲