8th Grade Newsletter!

January 14, 2013

Language Arts Information!

In the next several weeks, we will be focusing heavily on reading comprehension and writing skills. Students will be required and expected to do quite a bit of reading at home in preparation for classroom lessons. Please encourage your students and give them time to read what they need so they are prepared for class. The text we will be using is challenging and requires students to work hard and do their best in order to expand their reading skills. We want them to be ready and equipped for rigorous high school curriculum, so help me to encourage them to reach for excellence over the next several months as we know they can!

Math Information!

Your brain is an organizer. It organizes information as it stores that information. When a problem involves many pieces of information, your brain will have an easier time sorting through it if you make an organized list. A list helps you be sure you have thought of all of the possibilities without repeating any of them. Like drawing a picture or making a diagram, making an organized list helps your brain “see” the problem clearly and find a solution. Try making an organized list to solve this problem:

You receive a penny on January 1st, two cents the next day, four cents the next and so on, doubling every day. How long will it take to be millionaire? Suppose you started with a nickel and doubled, how long before you are worth a million dollars?

Parent Corner!

Important Dates!

January 14: Home basketball game

January 21: No School ; MLK Jr Day!

PBIS is ready to go!

Students can earn tickets for following our PBIS expectations and go beyond what is expected. The student can choose to put their ticket or tickets in a container in the media center. If the student’s name is drawn, the student will be able to select a prize from a variety of choices (stuffed animals, cars, coloring books, dolls, stickers, etc.) A drawing will be held each Friday. Winners’ names will be announced during afternoon announcements on Fridays. Remember here at SME we respect ourselves, others, and learning

Report Cards!

Report Cards were sent home on Thursday, January 10th. Students should return the report card signed by the parent/guardian as soon as possible! Thank you!