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The Time Is Now

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing." - Pele

I pride myself in continuous learning and I'm a huge believer in trying new things. However, sometimes life has a way of slapping me in the face.

Let me explain...

A few years back I had a unique idea of starting a student-led podcast. I took that idea and decide to jump in with both feet. After recording and publishing three podcasts the feedback was fantastic! Our community and families loved the 5-6 minute shows. It really was a HIT! Then life slapped me in the face.

For the record the following is an explanation...not designed to be excuses.

The first hit to the podcast Youtube and iMovie updated and I really felt clumsy with the new tweaks to these apps.

The second hit to the podcast was...time. Simply put, I began to feel like a building manager rather than a leader. My days became filled with meetings, discipline, curriculum and programming.

The final hit mindset. After a couple months it became too easy to simply say, I'll get back at it next year.

This Fall I committed to not allowing myself to get bogged down. I was determined to move forward. One thing that helped was the support of fellow principals. That really came to the forefront recently...

I attended MEMSPA in Traverse City, Michigan. During the second day there was a hands-on learning lab titled, Spotlight on Innovation. The afternoon learning sessions focused on learning by doing. The best moment occurred when Therese Damman volunteered to do her very first TouchCast green screen video. This was truly innovation at work!

What I witnessed was a leader willing to take a risk and other leaders supporting her on her journey.

Huge shout out to Jason Gribble, Derek Wheaton, Allyson Apsey, Mike Domagalski and Jonathon Wennstrom. It was a true pleasure helping leaders try new tools in a hands-on learning environment.

This Spring at MACUL will be another fantastic opportunity for leaders to learn by doing. If you want to truly dive-in and try new things be sure to check out the SIG-ADMIN Pre-Conference session. Interested in registering for a Pre-Con? Click here.

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