My Canadian Teen Culture

Core Values

Family and Friends are the most important people in my life. They are the people that take good care of me physically and emotionally. Kindness is also very important to me.

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness. Dalai Lama I value optimism and hope as well. These things are important because without them how can you have a positive life. Another thing that I value is being a Canadian. I am very proud to be Canadian because of our freedoms, resources, the ability to have fresh clean water to drink and good food to eat.

This is a video that makes me even more proud to be a Canadian.
The Golden Goal

Customs and Traditions

Every year when my birthday comes around my family and I go out for dinner at the restaurant of my choice and we all celebrate. I also celebrate my birthday with my friends and extended family. At Easter time my family gets together and the kids go on an Easter egg hunt. At Christmas our whole family gets together to open presents and have a big turkey dinner

Teen Language

  • slang (lol, omg, brb)
  • social media (twitter, instagram, facebook, youtube)
  • texting
  • english/french

The language we speak at school is english but we also speak a little french. Slang, social media and texting are a part of our society and is how we communicate.


The little thing that are important to me are my phone because I can't leave the house without it. I also really love different types of foods from different cultures like Italian, Slovenian, and Thai. Slovenian food is especially important to me because my Nana used to make it whenever my family went over to her house. My dog Riley is really important to me because even if I'm having a bad day, he always cheers me up. Volleyball is my favourite sport so therefore it is important to me. My last artifact is piano because I have been doing piano since I was 9.