Bryanna Cuello & Alejandro Santana

Bryanna Cuello

Was born in Texas, she likes lisening to country music. The word she uses to describe herself is outgoing over the weekends she likes watching TV. If she had super powers its flying because i can get out of traffic. Her goals are to go to college and get a degree and that she is most of afraid is failing her grades. The most important thing to her is Couch Land when ever she is stressed out she is upset. Last is the most important lesson she learn this year is to not stressed out.

Alejandro Santana

Was born in Houston. Likes to listen to Latino and plays soccer. Word to describe him is handsome , and plays outside on the weekends. If had a super power it would be to read peoples mind. Family is important to him. Goals in Life is going to college and getting a degree. When stressed out stays calm. What he learned over the year is Don't take anything personal. Most afraid of getting run over.