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The 1970s was a weird time with changes in its social and moral values

The 1970s was a crazy time

It was a rapidly changing time. Some values that had never been challenged before began changing rapidly while other values that could have been changed so easily remained intact. Divorces had been a rare occasion but the 1970s changed that, and the number of divorces skyrocketed. Soon it became a normal thing. Technology was also on the rise,and for the first time the public could get their hands on a Atari Video Computer System for just $199. The first personal computers were being developed in the 1970, and the technology from the 1970s paved the way for the future. Never had people been able to get their hands on their very own pcs before the 1970s.

How people felt.

The 70s was a very weird period for the people living in america. The cold war was still going on and it "...brought anxiety or unease for many people..."(60'sBaby). People were afraid that communism would take root in America and put an end to the American goverment. Also gas prices were high and in a time where fuel efficiency was probably the last place car companies focused on, cars got around 12-15 mpg, it had a huge impact on America in a negitive way. There was also a minor recession to top it all off. However "it was an easier time for kids to be independent."(60'sBaby).The Vietnam war, which was not very popular among the people, ended in 1945 was a big plus.It was also a very violent time "...there were riots and building burnings on college campuses, and home grown terrorists were running around blowing up buildings and killing police officers."(earanger).

What people valued.

Values were changing in the 1970s. There were changes in how people felt about divorces,how people felt about relgious values, drugs, and raceism. Before the 1970s divorces were "virtually unheard of, but went up dramatically. Christian values which had never been challenged were being ridiculed. Drugs appeared openly in movies", and raceism started appearing in television.

What is The Great Funk about

The book is about everything in the 1970s. It is an entire 241 page book dedicated to the 1970s in America. The topics in the book range from cars to clothing types to technology, and it goes into great depth about the topics aswell. It talked even talked about how Steve Jobs and his business partner sold illegal equipment as their first business but were scared away.

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Life in the 1970's

Life in the 70's was very different than it is today. People smoked everyday and everywhere. This included public areas, like hospitals, airplanes, public transportation and even workplaces.

Kids played in the outdoors a load more than they do today. It tended to be a little uncomfortable for the children to stay inside.

Although, the economy wasn't very good. Many employees had been layid off, bankrupt and broken. This was a major effect of the PATCO strike.

Some influence from the 60's was music. Rock was VERY popular in the 60's and it was branched off in many sub genres in the 70's. Also, many bands formed and went viral in the 70's who played rick and heavy metal.

Strange Days Indeed: The Golden Age of Paranoia

The author points out the leaders of the era and their flaws. He shows many facts of how they proved paranoia in the decade.

Event: Richard Nixon goes on a rant about homosexuals, jews and liberals. Then late at night, he "takes his valet to the deserted House of Representatives and orders him to make a speech".

Richard Nixon shows his paranoia because he forces others to listen to him, because he is so worried about the topic of his speech.

The American Dream in the 1970's is about being bold and fearless. While the higher powered people, like Nixon, didn't show this, the American citizens did a good job at it. They were fearless to their elected leaders heeded warnings, and managed to overcome whatever Nixon was going for.

Rocky (1976)

The film, Rocky, is an american cinema that was released in 1976. Its about a man who longs to be one of the best boxers in the world.

The movie greatly creates the American Dream and in fact it quotes it. Rocky wants to make a name for himself.

"I just wanna prove somethin'—I ain't no bum . . . It don't matter if I lose . . . Don't matter if he opens my head . . . The only thing I wanna do is go the distance—That's all. Nobody's ever gone 15 rounds with Creed. If I go them fifteen rounds, an' that bell rings an' I'm still standin', I'm gonna know then I weren't just another bum from the neighborhood . . ."

This is a quote that hints his american dream to make his name known.


Jimi Hendrix dies-

Jimi Hendrix was a guitarist idol in the 60's, his highest point in his music career, but came to an early end near the end of 1970. He left only a few albums of musical genius.

With the death of Jimi Hendrix, much sadness occured, but also a lot of inspiration. He was titled as "one of the most influential guitarists of the 1960s"(wikipedia) and through this influence, many others rose to fame because of the legacy that Jimi left.

In a way, Jimi helped bring up the American Dream. He was described by New York Times as "a genius black musician, a guitarist, singer and composer of brilliantly dramatic power. He spoke in gestures and big as he could imagine and create." His talents help recreate a sense of boldness that the society picked up on.

Alaskan Pipeline was made-

Two years after it started, the pipline was finished. Its total cost was about $8 billion. "The pipeline is intended to exploit the Alaskan North Slope and, subsequently, is marketed as a means of reducing American dependence on foreign oil." With the lower need in foreign oil. America can save money and depend on itself more. It created a boldness to the Americas

Altair 8800 -

The Altair 8800 was the first home computer created. It created freedom and could allow a whole new type of work to occur. People could work at home and not only at work. It introduced new professions also and created many jobs. The home computer came with features such as the calculator and the Altair Basics software

The 1970's

The 1970's were an important turning point in the way that Americans looked at the world. Prior to the hippie revolution, the 1950's and early 60's were dominated by the stereotypical American family portrayed in the TV show "Leave It To Beaver". But as social concious grew and the onset of the Vietnam War came around, people became very hesistant of the Governments decisions.

How Hippies Saved Physics

How Hippies Saved Physics takes place in the 1970's during a time of limbo in modern pyhsics. With no apparent direction to turn, members of the radical science think tank "Fundamental Fysiks Group" turn to the world of pyschedelia to uncover the unforseen future of quantum physics.
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Bold as Love