My Thoughts

When you are tricked and tricking others

Some people like being tricked, but others don't. Others like the thrill and excitement and it is quite funny sometimes. Some don't like it though and can become upset or angry with the person tricking them. This is why when you trick someone you need to be careful about who you trick. If somebody likes being tricked then it is usually because it is funny or amusing or because they like the element of surprise.

Being Tricked

Most people like the idea of being tricked but sometimes when it comes down to actually being tricked they don't appreciate it. I was once tricked when I was told by my friend that it was Games when it was actually maths. I got changed for games and as a result, missed maths. This made me angry as I got a detention. This is known not as trickery but as deception. Deception is a much darker form of trickery and usually ends with worse consequences.

Motives and Revenge

A motive means a reason to do something. So, say I had a motive for revenge, I would have a burning desire to get my own back. Some view it as humorous payback if they like being tricked, but if you do not like being tricked then you might mike the mistake of going too far. That is not something that you want to do as you will end up getting yourself in trouble. Some can see the funny side of trickery but others cannot as something might have happened in the past that means that they do not like being tricked. I have got revenge on the friend who tricked me by doing the same back to him to get revenge. This did not end well as I got told off. When you are tricking someone you should always trick them. Not deceive them. Decieving can come across as mean in some ways.

Types of Trickery/Jokes

There are several different types of trickery. These include practical jokes, misdirection, pranks and a whole host of others. You can react differently do different trickery and scales of it. For example, you are in a bad mood and someone plays a prank on you, you will be angry. You will react differently that if you were in a good mood. This can effect you and the person who tricked you as they will feel either guilty, sorry or sad. It can be helped if you make up by shaking hands but bearing a grudge on that person will make you feel sadder than before. This because the other person has forgotten about it and you are still thinking about it.