Be Safe!!!!!



-Make sure you and your partner(s) get tested

-Do not come in contact with other's bodily fluids

Do you think you might have HIV/AIDS?


  • -Fever.
  • -Fatigue.
  • -Swollen lymph nodes -- (Usually one of the first signs)
  • -Diarrhea.
  • -Weight loss.
  • -Cough.
  • -Shortness of breath.


There is no cure for HIV/AIDS

There are 31 antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat HIV infection. Though none of these drugs will cure HIV/AIDS only suppress its symptoms.

How to Stop it From Spreading


-Get tested if you are going to have sex

-Use a condom

-Do not come in contact with others bodily fluid


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