Friday Feedback - 9/8/2017

Know Your Impact on Student Learning and Growth

.4 Effect = One Year's Growth for One Year's Input

I'm reading John Hattie's book "Visible Learning for Teachers" and I attended his session last fall on the greatest impacts on learning. The beauty of his work is that he addresses the gimmicks in education with his research so we can sift through the "bells and whistles" and focus our PLT work on areas of greatest impact. The bar that is set by John is not at 0 - it's at .4 or a year's growth for a year's input. 95% of the stuff we do works; however, many of the things we try don't result in a year's growth so we must focus and evaluate our own impact on getting at least a year's growth for a year's input. As I mentioned last week at our staff meeting, some of our students come to us a year or more behind so a year's growth is not quite enough. Luckily, some of his suggestions in his book can result in multiple year's growth = like having a strong PLC Culture (strong teacher efficacy) = 1.57 effect size = 3.5 years growth!

"The conclusions in 'Visible Learning' were cast as six signposts towards excellence in education, as follows" by John Hattie -

1. Teachers are among the most powerful influences in learning.

2. Teachers need to be directive, influential, caring, and actively and passionately engaged in the process of teaching and learning.

3. Teachers need to be aware of what each and every student in their class is thinking and what they know, be able to construct meaning and meaningful experiences in light of this knowledge and understanding of the students, and have proficient knowledge and understanding of their subject content so that they can provide meaningful and appropriate feedback such that each student moves progressively through the curriculum levels.

4. Teachers and students need to know the learning intentions and the criteria for student success for their lessons, know how well they are attaining these criteria for all students, and know where to go next in light of the gap between students' current knowledge and understanding and the success criteria of 'Where are you going?', 'How are you going', and 'Where to next?'

5. Teachers need to move from single idea to multiple ideas, and to relate and then extend these ideas such that learners construct, and reconstruct, knowledge and ideas. It is not the knowledge or ideas, but the learner's construction of this knowledge and ideas that is critical.

6. School leaders and teachers need to create schools, staffrooms, and class environments in which error is welcomed as a learning opportunity, in which discarding incorrect knowledge and understandings is welcomed, and in which teachers can feel safe to learn, re-learn, and explore knowledge and understanding.

Who are the kids who say YOU are their ONE connection?

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