Spring Hill Primary

February 13, 2020

A Message From Mrs. Turner...


Friday, February 14 (Staff Development)

Monday, February 17 (Holiday for ALL)

Happy Valentine's Day!!!



Just a Few Reminders at Mid Year…

For Pick up and Drop off

**First car always pulls all the way FORWARD to the DESIGNATED sign (this allows us to safely put students in or out of vehicles 10 students at a time.)

**Please maintain a reasonable distance between vehicles (not too far/not too close).

**Please DO NOT text or talk on your phone while the line is moving.

**Staff will be stationed to help students get in and out of the vehicle. (Please work on teaching your child to buckle themselves. In the Kindergarten Line there is a place to pull to the side after pulling through the line to buckle, too!)

**Please make sure TAGS ARE ALWAYS VISIBLE! Tags are one of the most important safety measures and the key to an efficient pick up line! If someone without a TAG is picking up your child, please WRITE A NOTE or, in an emergency, notify the office in writing by 1:00pm to make arrangements. Please note that for safety precautions, we do not take transportation changes over the phone. Persons who have made prior arrangements will be required to show their Driver’s License in the line.

**Vehicles without a TAG or prior arrangements will be asked to check the child out in the office (often this means waiting through the line to pull to the office).

At SHP we pride ourselves on having a quick, safe, and EFFICIENT pick-up line!

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Upcoming Dates

February 14-NO SCHOOL for STUDENTS/Staff Development


February 25-Title Open House

February 28-Dr. Seuss Day

March 2-PreK and Kindergarten Field Trip to Stephen Fite Concert

March 4-Spring Pictures

March 6-Hobby Day


March 19-Report Cards

March 25--Early Dismissal @ 12:10/Staff Development

April 10-Holiday for All

April 20-No School for Students/Parent Conferences

April 22-Secretary's Day

April 30-Panther Night Out @ Panther Stadium

May 6-Nurse's Day

May 15-Kindergarten Graduation @ 9:00am

May 15-1st Grade Awards @11:00 am

May 15-2nd Grade Awards @ 1:30pm

May 20-12:10 Dismissal

May 21-12:10 Dismissal-Last Day of School