Great Gray Owl

Owls are hard to find due to there camoflagh

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One reason the owls are dying because of preadeters .The greatest enemy of the owl is the goshawk. Humans are also a owls enemys. Scientific study shows that 96% of dead adult birds are killed by humans. Humans also trapped owls and hit owls with automibiles and afected owls on power lines. They are also dying because of starvation. 50% die in the first year.Young owls are a higher risk of starvation. Another reason owls are dying is because of DDT's. DDT is a powerful insecticide once used to dust crops. The owls are getting DDT because of rodents that have eatean crops with DDT on it that is how the owls are dying.


The Book of North American Owls by Helen Roney Sattler tells how farmers were killinig owls but now they want owls around because owls eat mice. Mice were a problem to farmers because they would eat the grain. Farmers killed owls by useing DDT. DDT would get into the owls system and when the females would lay eggs they'ed break because of being so thin. When we found out humans were the ones making owls becom extinct most stoped doing what they were doing. In zoos owls were being bred in captivity and once there old enough to survive on there own the owlets would be realised into the wild. The owls do good on there own due to there excellant camoflaghs


Population: A large amount of something.
Owlets: young owls.
DDTS : chemicals farmers would use to kill insects
Common: a lot of the same.
Adulthood: when a owl becomes a adult.
Habitats: are owls homes.
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Out of the tree owls listed ubove the Great gray owl had the biggest wingspand.