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March 1, 2016

A Message from our Principal...

WAVA is pleased to announce that we have completed out AdvancEd accreditation and self-study process during the week of Feb 22 and have been recommended for another accreditation term by the visiting team! The final report and accreditation term length will be provided to the school in a couple months. We thank everyone for their participation and support through this process. Special thanks goes out to all of our students, families and teachers for their many contributions.

Bryant Mettler
Elementary School Principal

The Counselor Connect

As the state testing window approaches each school year, many WAVA learning coaches ask me for resources on the topic of test anxiety. Here are some ideas to help your child in all types of testing situations:

  • Make sure your child in rested and well-fed. Tired and hungry kids are easily overwhelmed by tasks they could normally handle with ease.
  • Talk with your child about how tests only measure certain types of knowledge. They are not an indication of everything they have learned or know. Tell them: Just do your best and let go of the rest!
  • Prepare for tests in the weeks and months beforehand, but cramming for a test at the last minute is not recommended. This method greatly increases stress and negatively impacts test outcome.
  • Talk with your child’s teacher about accommodations you can offer on course assessments, such as breaking the test into smaller sections over a few days, when needed.
  • Consider allowing your child to keep a small comfort item near them during testing, if it’s not a distraction.
  • For testing at home, consider allowing the child to test in a comfortable, sunny spot. A small change in setting can make a huge difference to one’s mental state.
  • For cases of severe test anxiety, start small and celebrate success. The most important step to overcoming the anxiety is having positive testing experiences, so the child begins to associate tests with success, rather than feelings of fear or inadequacy.
  • Consider talking with your child’s medical provider if anxiety is a frequent concern. Stress and anxiety are normal for all humans, but if it’s impacting the child’s ability to enjoy daily activities, it would be good to rule out medical causes and consider mental health counseling and other interventions.

Please take a look at for great articles on this topic, aimed especially at children! This website contains much helpful information for parents and children on a wide range of topics.

Additional helpful information on this topic:

Thanks for reading! Feel free to contact me directly for additional resources or support.

Mrs. Martin

It's that time of year again! State testing is right around the corner.

3rd - 5th graders will be taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment, SBA, for English Language Arts and Math. This will done over 2 days, 1 day for each subject.

5th graders will also be taking the Measurements of Student Progress, MSP, for Science. This assessment will take place over 1 day.

Testing will start right after spring break. It is very important to read and respond to any emails or k-mails you receive about state testing as there is important information about site locations and times.

Can I opt out of state testing? Click here for more information.

UofW World Series Free Youth Matinee Performance of Malpaso, a Cuban Dance Project

Friday, March 4th, 10:30am-12:30pm

University of Washington, Seattle, WA, United States

Seattle, WA

This performance matinee opens Meany Hall to students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend a traditional performance. It showcases an exciting array of modern dance and world music in the area of the arts.

Please RSVP or send questions via k-mail to Natalie Dobson.

Learning Day at the Capitol

Friday, March 4th, 10am-2pm

State Capitol Building [nb], Olympia, WA, United States

This exciting event gives our digital public school students and their families a chance to travel to the Washington State Capitol to rally and show strong support for digital public schools. We have lots of exciting events scheduled this year including capitol tours, an awards ceremony, and opportunities to interact with legislators. Please start making plans today to participate and sign up here.

Seattle Times Tour

Thursday, March 24th, 3-4pm

19200 120th Avenue Northeast

Bothell, WA

Join us for tour of the Seattle Times printing facility to see how newspapers are printed! Space is limited and minimum age is 8 years old for everyone on the tour. For questions, please ask Mr. Putnam at


WAVA Outing at Padilla Bay

Friday, March 25th, 10:15am

10441 Bayview Edison Road

Mount Vernon, WA

What to bring: A sack lunch along with some durable rain boots and rain gear /gloves. Students will be outside in the mud exploring. You might also want to bring sand pails and shovels.

We will meet at the covered area on the beach at Bayview State Park for lunch and there will be a Scavenger Hunt afterwards.

**Space is limited. Please RSVP to April Sorensen via kmail by March 18th to reserve a spot.

Re-registration Office Hours - RESCHEDULED TO 4/19

Tuesday, March 29th, 2pm

This is an online event.


RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Coffee Chats!

Coffee Chats!

This is a chance for WAVA Learning Coaches to connect with other WAVA Learning Coaches to talk about a specific topic for 30 minutes every week. Check your schedule on your Learning Coach account. If you don't see it on your schedule, click on the links below.

Every Thursday!


March 3rd at 1:00pm: Motivate the Unmotivated

Click here to join.

March 10th at 1:00pm: Learning Styles

Click here to join.

March 17th at 1:00pm: Dealing with and Preventing Interruptions

Click here to join.

March 24th at 1:00pm: Enrichment and Extra Curricular Activities

Click here to join.

March 31st at 1:00pm: Concerns and Priorities with School

Click here to join.

Brand new to WAVA?

If you're just starting this month, welcome! Be sure to check your k-mail for a welcome letter from your Family Academic Support Liaison, F.A.S.L. Your F.A.S.L. is there to help you get everything started.

Getting started:
You will receive an email from WAVA detailing the onboarding process. There will be multiple live sessions offered each day, every week, to help guide you through setting everything up.

Week of Welcome, WOW!
Your student's first week will be very busy! It is important to be sure to follow the daily and weekly schedule that week as all sessions are required. Details will also come in an email from WAVA.

Required Class Connects

If you see the word REQUIRED next to the title of the Class Connect, it is a mandatory class that you must attend. If you know you are going to miss a class please contact your teacher to see how you can make up the missed work. Sometimes, you will need to watch a recording.

To view the recording of a missed Class Connect Session, click on the “Go to Class Connect” link, search the date of your missed session, click on the link of the session, watch recording. ALWAYS send your teacher a Kmail to explain why you missed attending the LIVE session (unless previously arranged).

Time Zone
Make sure your OLS is set to PST (Pacific Standard Time) so your Class Connect times are correct. Click on -> My Account -> Time Zone Settings.


Students and Learning Coaches do not need to track attendance. Your attendance is measured by your course progress and participation in required class connect sessions.
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Advanced Learning Circles

For gifted and advanced students:

March 3rd (Grades 2-8)

Topic: Finding the Story in Your Family History

Time: 12:00-1:00pm

March 10th (Grades K-5)

Topic: Hour of Code

Time: 12:00-1:00pm

March 24 (Grades K-8)

Time: 12:00-1:00pm

March 31st (Grades K-8)

Topic: March Student Presentations

Time: 12:00-1:00pm

Tips from Cheryl

Teaching Tips for Struggling Readers

By Cheryl Holbrook

Colored Overlays

Some people with reading struggles suffer from perceptual processing difficulties and light sensitivity which can contribute to reading issues and attention deficits. Overlays, like these, can ease the eyes and increase attention span.

This website gives you the ability to change the background color to see which color works best.

K12 Mobile Apps

Did you know that K12 offers FREE mobile educational learning apps? Follow this link to check them out:

We need parent volunteers!

We will have opportunities throughout the school year for parents and learning coaches to volunteer by hosting social gatherings. If you would like more information on how you can help, fill out this survey: