100 Cupboards

By N. D. Wilson

100 Cupboards- a Summary

100 Cupboards is a fantasy book written by N. D. Wilson. The theme of the story is to not mess with things you don't understand, or else you will cause trouble. Henry York goes to live with his aunt and uncle in Kansas. In his attic room, he scrapes off the plaster due to strange noises inside the wall. He discovers 99 cupboards, but one in particular makes him feel nauseous. There is a black cupboard, in which Henry accidentally releases an age-old evil, the witch of Endor.

Discussing the Main Character

Henry is very cautious and curious and brave. He is cautious because he is reluctant to go into the cupboards and he doesn't want Henrietta to go into them either (pages 144 and 150). He is curious because he scrapes the plaster off the wall and eventually enters into a cupboard to find Henrietta (pages 43 and 192). He is brave because he was able to stand against the Witch of Endor and defeat her (page 266).

The Setting and Conflict

The setting is Uncle Frank and Aunt Dotty's home in Henry, Kansas and the worlds inside the cupboards. The conflict is Henry and his cousin Henrietta fighting against the Witch of Endor.

Personal Opinion

I personally enjoyed the book a lot because I could visualize everything that was mentioned. It also had some very good suspenseful and mysterious parts in it. The most interesting part to me was when he saw the diseased black cat on his bed.

About the Author

N. D. Wilson was born in 1978 in Moscow, Idaho. He is married and has five children. He is a best-sellng author. Some of his books are the Hundred Cupboards series and the Ashtown Burials. He holds a Master's degree in Liberal Arts.
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