Lev vygotsky

By: makenna hill

His childhood

Lev was born in western Russia in Orsche. He is the second oldest child of eight, he was homeschooled for primary school with his mom and a tutor. While he was there his mom taught him to care for other children. He then switched to public school to finish secondary school where he excelled in all of his classes. He moved on to college to study medicine but then switched to law. While studying that he did his own self- directed studies in philosophy. With his studies and his life long Interest in children with learning disabilities he formed a laboratory of psychology for abnormal children.

Lev's Theory

Lev was a social/emotional theorist but also had some congnitive things in his theory. Lev studied how children grow and how their brain grows and how they learn. Lev's theory concludes that children construct their knowledge, development can not be separated from its social context, learning can lead development, and language plays a central role in mental development.

Real life example

Children learn by imitating people to learn. So when a deaf child is starting to learn sign language he watches his mom/dad when they sign and pick up what those signs mean and then they will eventually start signing also to speak.