Weekly Update

week of May 16, 2016

Thank you from WISD Superintendent

Classroom Orders

Katie will put the classroom ordering materials in teacher mailboxes by 2:00 pm today. The orders are the same amount as last year, and you should order for your same position. If you have questions, please ask. The Nicky folders and dry erase marker ordering will be included in the ordering form.

End of the year checkout

Katie is preparing the end of the school


check out forms for certified staff. This will include the pink and blue cards and the standards for the cards. This will be out to staff by next week. They will be due at the end of the shool year.

Staff meetings

I will have a meeting to discuss what needs to happen at certified staff Evaluation meetings on May 19th. You will have an opportunity to select your Evaluation meeting date at this meeting.

June 2nd we will discuss what Walk to Read will look like in the fall to stay, making sure we stay true to our School Improvement Plan and curriculum needs. We will also look at class placement. Teachers will receive information of what needs to be brought to the meeting.

Conference Attendance

Reimbursement for Substitute Teacher Costs

If you have attended a conference or network, for example, TEN's, that is reimbursing for the substitute, you need to fill out the form by Wednesday, May 18th. The form should be returned to me and I will sign and forward this to Central office.

I have made copies of the form in the office.



Student Placement Letters

Student Placement Letter/Classroom Environment letters will be in mailboxes by Monday. They will be due on June 3rd.

Professional Development Opportunity

Creating Content for Edu Path.


Quote of the week

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.


Leader in Me

If you haven't already, please fill out the survey for Leader in Me.

Staff Survey: https://theleaderinmeonline.org/assessments/assessment/cdc7d05c97867814

Parent Survey: https://theleaderinmeonline.org/assessments/assessment/0498f2958e40f7d6

New Lids

Unfortunately, some of the lids from the staff appreciation cups were broken. the company has chosen to send new lids for everyone. I will put the new lids in staff mailboxes today. :)

May Birthday's

  • 5.7.16-Mary F.
  • 5.16.16-Sue L.
  • 5.21.16-Amie A.
  • 5.27.16-Sue T.
  • 5.30.16-Pat M.


Yoga for Educators- MCS educators are invited to attend free, mixed-level yoga classes this May. The practice of yoga has been shown to have many benefits- from healing injuries, to stress-reduction and mindfulness, to increasing strength and flexibility.

Staff from any building are invited to attend any class, or all three classes. Here are some details:

All classes will begin at 3:45 to allow teachers from all buildings to get there. Classes will be 1 hour long, ending at 4:45.

May 2nd- High School- Student Activities Room

May 26- Middle School- Room 308 (Srsly room) room change

May 31- Klager- Room 119 (OT room) date change

We believe...

The NEW School Mission Statement: Manchester Community Schools, in partnership with parents and community, use best practices to develop the skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in all students to ensure they are future ready.

District and School Improvement Goals:

Goal 1: All Manchester Community Schools students will become proficient in their literacy skills.

Goal 2: All Manchester Community Schools students will become proficient in critical thinking.

Goal 3: All Manchester Community Schools students will become proficient in mathematical skills.

Goal 4: All staff will engage in the district-wide continuous improvement process.

District Vision: Educational Excellence in a Caring Community

District Purpose: Manchester students are provided the stepping stones for success.

Upcoming Dates

    • 5.16.16-Kindergarten Leadership Workshop
    • 5.16.16-Fire Drill
    • 5.16.16-Board Meeting
    • 5.17.16-Lighthouse meeting
    • 5.17.16-Instructiona Admin


    • 5.17-5.19-4th grade MSTEP
    • 5.19.16-Grade level meeting
    • 5.19.16-HS Band Spring concert 7 pm

    • 5.23.16-Leadership Workshop
    • 5.23.16-Fire Drill
    • 5.23.16-Board Meeting
    • 5.24.16-PTO meeting
    • 5.26.16-Preschool will visit Klager at 9:30 am and 1:00 pm
    • 5.26.16-Luncheon from Anne Hannah
    • 5.26.16-Business Expo at Farmers Market

    • 5.30.16-No School-Memorial Day
    • 6.1.16-DSIT
    • 6.1.16-5th Grade Orientation
    • 6.2.16-Staff meeting
    • 6.2.16-Tentative Date for Kids Against Hunger packaging
    • 6.2.16-Kiwanis Vision Screening