Vietnam is a long narrow country on the outside of china. 75% of Vietnam is mountainous. only 22% of Vietnams land is flat enough for farmers to grow there crops on. Vietnam is quite a hot place but like any place it can also have some very miserable weather. the hottest part of Vietnam is the southern part because its close to the equator the central is the second hottest part of Vietnam and the cool weather is in the northern part.

Capital City

The capital city of Vietnam is Hanoi as you would probably know it is very big because it is a city. Hanoi has a very big population but vietnam has a very very big population its self. Hanoi is the second biggest city in Vietnam. Hanoi is lying in the heart of the northern delta.

History Of Vietnam

More then a thousand years ago th indigious people lived in the north of the country. The Vietnamese nation was born among the lagoons and marshes of the red river delta. About 4000 years ago it as born so in 2000bc.most of its independent existence has been ruled by Hanoi its capital city. Vietnam was where one of the wars were held so may people took the very unsafe risk and fled to another country. Vietnam holds a Anzac day ceremony

every year it is very popular.The war didn't bring peace to the vietnam area when war broke out again the united states soliders joined the southern vietnamese soliders to invaid the north side of vietnam austalian solider were persuaded to send troops over to fight.


Most vietnamise people are kinh..Most Vietnamese people are Buddhist. religion plays a big part in Vietnam. in Asia food is quite a big thing..there are small groups of uslims ,christians and other religions. There are 25 custom beliefs in Vietnam. these are some of them often three to four generation of families live together. children live with there parents until marriage. Marriage must be approved by both parents regardless of age. After marriage the women lives with the man and is considered a part of his family she has to do house work under the direction of her husband Vietnam 54% of the population are Buddhist,22% are non religious ,15.3% are new religions ,0.7% are Muslim and 8% are Christian.


The vietnamise people value there education greatly. They are very hard working in Vietnam. Vietnam has five levels of education preschool, primary school secondary ,high school and higher school. They are at school for 12 years that means they get 12 years of education. They have 5 years at primary 3 years at secondary and 4 of intermediate. Most of the basic education students are enrolled on a half day basis. The main goal for Vietnamese schools is to expand the students general knowledge. It has the highest GDP growth in Asia.

living conditions

Vietnamese houses are normally live in rural places there house made of timber and thatch. They are normally a 2 room house they live with a lot of people. in urban areas they are usually multi story brick houses. most Vietnamese meals are rice with some vegie and a little bit of meat or fish .women have legal rights in marriage property ownership and more


Vietnams economy was effected with all the fighting with police. Until recently Vietnam economy was based on agriculture mainly its rice .Vietnam had the 35th highest economy in the world. Vietnam gets some of there money from tourism ,crops ect .


Vietnams health is good they have a life expectancy is 76.86 years. The Vietnamese how poor diets causes them to get sick.

natrual resources

Vietnam is pretty rich in with natural resources these are some of them

phosphates, coal, manganese, rare earth elements, bauxite, chromate, offshore oil and gas deposits, timber, hydropower.

enviromental issues

all the flooding that goes on in Vietnam causes issues as well as drinking water because if the water is not good enough they will all get sick. The other big challenge is urban sprawl there is becoming less bush land for animals to live on they are pretty muck as important as us