My Infographic on Leadership

By:Evan Williams

Personality and my leadership style

My personality type was ENTJ which means I am Extravert, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging. A lot of people think your personality is a really big part of how you are as a leader but I have to disagree. I think the type of leader you are depends on the situation that you are put in. For example if you were put as the leader of a 5 year olds birthday party, you would be really strict and autocratic, you would be more of a delegative leader, and split jobs between the other adults that are there equally. But if you were a general in the army then you would definitely be more of and autocratic leader in that situation. If there was one leadership style I would prefer to use it would be autocratic because I usually like to be strict and make sure everything is done orderly and complete.

What is a Leader?

A leader is a person who has an idea or belief, and is able to gain a following or other people to believe in his cause. Leaders can be good or bad, have big or small followings. Some leaders aren't recognized by the public but gain a following by being a good citizen and setting a good or bad example. With this I thought. "How can I be a better leader?". Then I decided to become a better leader I need to do more good acts of leadership and more things to help out with the community and help lead people to make better examples of themselves.