Weekly Update

November 16-20

Week of Geography

Please make sure you are working on your Week of Geography projects. As a reminder, we will present the projects beginning Tuesday, December 1. Please email menu suggestions by Monday, November 16 for your continent. Also, please make sure your presentation does include a video of some sort - be creative!

Notifications and Changes

*Progress reports are due Tuesday (11/17). Please pick your copies up from the office today. As a reminder, we do not drop a grade for progress reports.

*Our Thanksgiving Feast is Thursday (11/19). Please make sure you have place mats and other decorations (as appropriate for your age group) ready. Also, please plan to eat with your class (you are welcome to enjoy our DELICIOUS meal but do not have to). We will let you know meal times by the end of the day.

*Yellow folders will go out this Friday and next Friday as normal. We will not send them home the week of Thanksgiving.

Faculty Meetings

*We will meet December 3 (lower) and December 10 (upper).

*Our annual monthly meeting will be Wednesday, December 2. Tammy and Harmony will be providing breakfast. Thanks!!

Weekly Emails

We don't have any reminders that you need to communicate this week. Please make sure you are sending a Smore and including pictures. Thanks!