A Deadly Desease

By: Ethan A. 4th period

The disease has spread through West Africa to Dallas, and has been killing a lot of people. Some people had survive from the disease. Ebola has started in 1970 and it has killed a lot of people and has killed about 3,439 people right now.

It started in 1970. In West Africa in 2014 a person was killed from Ebola. Then more people were killed. They were getting affected by animals like monkeys and gorillas. The virus is caused by a hermarhagic fever typified by copious internal bleeding from various orifices of so of the body, including the eyes. It is so severe that lethality is high, and reports of 70 percent of higher death rates are common.

People die from a high fever, vomit, muscle aches, abdominal pain, tiredness, and diarrhea. When they get affected by the disease they can live to about 5 to 10 days. People are trying to find a cure but they can't find a cure yet but there still looking for one. 30 days later it is about 3,439 deaths right now.

Ebola has killed a lot of people. It has been about 50 years when it first came. It has been spreading almost around the world. Ebola is a very deadly disease.


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