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The Winter Olympics has come upon us this year in Sochi, with opening ceremonies February 7th. Many great athletes will be competing, in a variety of sports. Some of the more known sports are figure skating, skiing, snowboarding, and ice hockey. But, how many people focus on the male athletes, especially in ice hockey. Because pro hockey players, such as Patrick Kane from the Chicago Blackhawks, will be competing in Sochi. This will attract many fans towards the men's games. But, what of women's ice hockey. Anyone who watches the women play can attest to their skill and performance. Many great women will be competing this year, but a very notable team is USA. Before they start, it's important to know who the athletes are on the teams. Before that, when did ice hockey even become an official sport?
Not yet interested in the women's hockey? Watch this!
USA vs Canada Women's Hockey | Sochi Olympics 2014
Hockey has been around for many centuries.Forms were played as early as the 1600 hundreds, but the first documented use of hockey as a sport was in 1825, by Sir John Franklin. This was considered to be field hockey, instead of ice hockey. The official year when hockey is claimed to be formalized is 1879, in the Canadian province of Montreal.

Kendall Coyne

(Click here for some extra stats!) Forward for the USA Olympic Hockey Team, Kendall Coyne has quite the record. Two time world champion and one time silver place champion, Kendall has quite the track record. She was in the under 18-Championship when she was 15, in 2007. In 2012, Kendall was East Player of the year!
Showoff of Kendall Coyne's character
Northeastern's Kendall Coyne reacts to winning 2012 Pro Ambitions Rookie of the Year honors

A Coyne Earned

Coyne, 21 year old forward of the USA Olympic Hockey Team, has made many accomplishments to get to Sochi. Her hometown support is unbelievable. When her parents John and Ahlise held a fundraiser to get money for the trip to Sochi, over 200 people showed up. Even Kendall's high school Berkshire has a banner with her name on it, graduating class, and her Olympian status. Even local school Sandburg is giving Kendall full support for her to bring home gold. With so much support, it would be impossible to do poorly. Research by Tim Rees explores how support systems influence athlete performance. He says that a huge part of an athlete's confidence is from the support of family, friends and peers. The encouragement allows them to keep to their training, workouts and diets to perform at peak ability. The support system helps build confidence and mentally relieves pressure from high pressure games, such as what would be seen in the Olympics. The evidence is very clear in Coyne, with her pre-Olympic achievements being her records set in Northeastern University, three U.S. Women's Under-18 Championships, and in 2012 being Rookie of the year.
The following video just shows some of the grit Coyne has to be part of the Olympics.
A Dream Realized: Kendall Coyne Preps for the Olympic Games

USA vs Switzerland

In the second game, Kendall Coyne had 2 assists, to Amanda Kessel for both, and 2 scores, with assists from Kelli Stack, Amanda Kessel and Megan Bozeck. The game ends with an amazing 9-0 USA win. Team USA holds a 2 win and no losses as of the second game. The team also broke an Olympic record, scoring 5 shots in 5:22. Tomorrow, February,12, Kendall and her team will be playing Canada, who is also undefeated with 2 wins.

USA vs Canada

The past Wednesday, the USA team suffered a critical loss to Canada, with a score of 3:2. Most of the first two periods ended in a dead stop, with USA making the first score with 2 minutes left in the second period. Canada cam back with a swift score, in the third minute of the third period. Canada again scored, making it 3:1, and USA team member Anne Schleper.

USA Vs. Canada- Finals

The finals for Women's hockey was today, with the gold match being at 11 A.M. Central time. Canada made an outstanding comeback against the USA women's hockey team. USA was up 2:1, with less than 2 minutes in the third period. Canada caught up, tying 2:2. In overtime, Canada player Marie-Philip POULIN scored in overtime. As I type, the women's team is in tears receiving their silver medal. After months of training and preparation, the team pulled off an amazing game, keeping shots at goal very close knit, with 29 USA and 31 Canada.
This next following video is short, covering some of Kendall's highlights from her college games. This just gives a small glimpse of what she can accomplish in Sochi.
Kendall Coyne - Northeastern Career Highlights

Part 2 of a series of videos for USA Olympics!

#WeAreUSA Ep. 2 "Puck Commander" USA Women's Hockey

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