Okanagan Explosion

Brady Kroeker Blk G

The Development of Early Agriculture

- earliest reports of the Okanagan was emphasized by cattle raising

- Main suppliers of fruit in Canada

- In 1886 Charles Ora Card spent several weeks travelling through the Boundary Country of the Okanagan

- The valley had perfect sights because the Orchard fields, they had good soil and drainage.

- First fruit trees planted in 1857

- In the late 1890s and early 1900s, there was a boom of the fruit belt of the Southern Interior

- The climate is perfect for growing fruit. The summers were hot and dry and the winters complimented the trees

- Machinery was first introduced to the fruit industry in 1921

- Revolutionary agriculturist, J. W. Hughes, got the great business going again in 1928

- Eugene Rittich from Hungary performed a different test on black mountain using 40 varieties of grapes. Only 11 survived

Early European Profile

Thomas W. Stirling

Early history

- Born in 1866 near Manchester, England

- came to the Okanagan in 1894

- was a wealthy retired navy lieuntenant-commander

- formed a marketing company in 1908 with W. R. Pooley and opened an office in London, England in 1910 to sell land in East and South Kelowna

- formed the Bankhead Orchard Company in 1911 with L. E. Taylor

Reasons for settlement in Okanagan Valley

- emigrated to Canada, settling at Kelowna, after resigning his commision

- wanted to settle down

Early Accomplishments

- Served in Australia, India, and South America

- Resigned at the age of 27 and travelled to B. C. in 1894

- Became a navel cadet at thirteen

Accomplishments in Okanagan Valley

- formed Kelowna Land and Orchard company

- was president of the B. C. Fruit Company in 1905

Legacy Today

- Donated 12 acres of land to the Hospital Society (hospital built on land)

- K. L. O. M. S. : Kelowna's Land Orchard Middle School

- K. L. O. : Kelowna's Land Orchard Company

Interesting Facts

- Bought and sold his land to others in need

- Served in the navy for fourteen years

Driving Question

What was the impact of the early Europeans on the growth and development of the Okanagan Valley?

The impact Thomas W. Stirling had on the growth and developmant of the Okanagan Valley was mainly agriculture. Thomas shiped many shipments of fruit to the prairies and Scotland. It took about two weeks for all of the fruit to be collected from the multiple fruit growers around the Okanagan. He also figured out a new way of shipping fruit that kept the fruit in better conditions. What he did was he sent two shipments of fruit to Scotland. One shipment had a tissue-like paper around each fruit, while the other one was just put into a box and sent off. When it arrived in Scotland, the fruit coverred in the tissue-like paper was in better condition than the other shipment. For years to come, that's how fruit would be transported.
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This is the present day area of his land