New Orleans, Louisiana

The Greatest Place to Go

The Weather

The weather in New Orleans is very nice. Their winter weather is like Michigan's spring weather and their spring weather is like Michigan's summer weather. The summers in New Orleans are very hot. It doesn't snow at all in New Orleans. The temperature all year round there is about from 60* to 85*.

Sports Teams/Events

New Orleans has 2 professional teams. The New Orleans Saints (football) and the New Orleans Pelicans (basketball) They also have a AAA baseball team called the New Orleans Zephyrs. The New Orleans Saints are usually a very good football team. The Pelicans are a developing basketball team, and the Zephyrs have future MLB players. Also the Sugar Bowl is in January. The Saints usually make the playoffs and the Pelicans did this season. LSU has very good baseball and football teams along with a decent basketball team.
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Sites to See

My favorite place to go in New Orleans is City Park. It's a very big park filled with all kinds of things to do. Like there's sports fields/stadiums, City Putt, City Bark for dogs, there's an art museum, and there's a golf course. That's just some of the things there. Another place to go to is the New Orleans Zoo. It's a pretty good attracting place for visitors to go to. You pass lots of cool animals along the way and there's pretty good food there too. I recommend the Swamp Cafe'. Since it's in the back of the zoo, you can pass the animals and get hungry then go back and pass the animals there again. I also like to go to the Jean Lafitte Park. I see lots of gators going down the hiking trail and lots of other species of animals. It's a very cool place to explore nature and to explore the woods.
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The food in New Orleans is great! Their seafood and their Po boys is what New Orleans is known for. My favorite places to go are Bistro Daisy, The Gumbo Shop, Parkway Tavern, and Juan's Flying Burrito. The Gumbo Shop has awesome gumbo and jambalaya. Bistro Daisy has very good seafood as appetizers and very good main dishes. Parkway Tavern is known for their Po boys (which is basically a sub with french bread). Juan's Flying Burrito is a Mexican based restaurant.
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I recommend staying in Mid-City if you go to New Orleans. I say this because there's lots of restaurants nearby and basically wherever you go it's no longer than 15 min. away with no traffic. Plus, you're right by City Park the place I mentioned in sites to see. There's also a place called Pandora's. It's a place where they serve snowballs (which is basically snow cones) and soft serve ice cream. Mid-City is also a very good place to just chill and take a nice walk. If you stay in Mid-City, you'll be saying, "I want to go back to New Orleans." That's what I say all the time.
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History of New Orleans

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New Orleans, Louisiana Travel Guide - Must-See Attractions


"I'm not sure but I'm almost positive that all music came from New Orleans." Ernie K. Doe.

"If there was no New Orleans, America would just be a bunch of free people dying of boredom." Judy Deck.

"America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is just Cleveland." Tennessee Williams.


I love to go to New Orleans especially because most of my dad's side of the family including my dad lives in New Orleans. It's a family tradition to play double deck pinochle which is a card game. All of those places and things I mentioned have been done with my family there. New Orleans is like my 2nd home. New Orleans makes me feel fresh with the weather. I love going to New Orleans and look forward to going there every year.