What's Going On In There

Wait! What just happened??!!!

Grand Affair!!! That's What!!!

Grand Affair is the culmination of our year in the Art Room at Harman. What has seemed like weeks of barely managed chaos, becomes collective magic in a few short days. If you are familiar with the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child" then you will understand what I mean when I say that your varied talents, intentions, and perspectives make this art show what it is, and what it becomes as it evolves.


It's true that many hands make light work, but those hands also teach. I am amazed at the new ideas and insights that parents bring from year to year. More than that, I am humbled and inspired by the community spirit that ensues with the words, "what can I do?….how can I help?" I know that I am not one to be regarded for a thank you note. I do consider that a failing of mine. Please know that I DO thank you in the most unhesitating and heartfelt manner. Your support is noticed in the in everything you do, from your offers of help, to saving bottles and cereal boxes, to quietly removing paint from your children's clothing without sending me a dry cleaning bill. :) I take none of it for granted!

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Special Thanks

Tricia Bauer has chaired the committee for Grand Affair for enough years now that I am uncertain of the number. Her calm demeanor, flexible organization, and attention to details that elude me, is indeed my saving grace. The literal army of volunteers that she gathers is impressive.

Harman parents from years past and present lend a hand in in every aspect. Some design and produce a hall's thematic layout ( Michaelyn Michaelec, this year's co-chair, and Janet Strauss). Others attend to a specific task like making a three dimensional tree's branches work out correctly (Susan Williams and Phyliss Miller) or outer space silhouettes (Karen Moulton). Some parents come to glue, staple, and string artwork. Many help prepare bulletin boards with fresh color and make trays and trays of tape loops. They staple, tape, spray, drill, and label during the work day and after hours. There is no question that an undertaking like Grand Affair doesn't come to fruition without all of your so very necessary assistance.

Thank you again to: Haimanti Roy, Susan Choi, Ramani Frank, Shuang-ye Wu, Kelly Hick, Molly MacDonald, Emily Wenig, Kelly Pleiman, Alison Davis, Sarah Greathouse, Robyn Angel, Edyta Teich, Michelle Tucker, Libby Schindler, Katy Dalrymple, Eve and Ted Dressel, Jennifer Makkas, Kristi Uber, Kelly Thobe, Katie Brenneman, Amy Askins, Sarah Morgan, Barbara Cortez, Irena Lachugina, Heidi Susta, Cathy Sutherland, Allison Martindale, Lisa Duwel, Laura Woeste, Lauren Hemm, Stacey McClosky, Greg Patterson, Krista Caley, Robin Sidhu, Ginny Dowd, Abby Dowd, and Chelsea Dowd, Stephanie Habig, Shannan Tucker, Jennifer Almoney, Cara Porcelli, Lori Flannery, Mackenkie Wittmer, Melissa Arzola, Claire Arzola, Susan Nielson, Kiersten Cahill.

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1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade Art work will be taken down and ready to go home on Wednesday May, 25.

Grades 4th, 5th, and 6th will be taken down on Thursday May 26th. Parents of 6th graders may also pick up art work the night of Recognition.

Unless previous arrangements have been made, any work left behind by close of school on Friday May 27th will be not be saved.