Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism


  • Christians are monotheistic.
  • Their God's name is God.
  • The holy book they use is called the Bible.
  • The holidays they celebrate are Christmas,Thanksgiving,and many more.
  • The rituals they practice are they get baptized,and they attend Worship every Sunday


  • The term "Hinduism" derives from the word "India" and refers to a wide variety of religious traditions and philosophies that have developed in India over thousands of years.
  • Most Hindus worship one or more deities, believe in reincarnation and value the practice of meditation.
  • Hinduism people are polytheistic
  • The names of their Gods are Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, and Lord Aiyappan or Ayyappan.
  • The names of their Goddesses are Parvati /Durga, and Lakshmi, Saraswati.
  • In Hinduism there is no particular holy book, but there is one particular scripture considered holy by all sections of Hindus and that is the Vedas. The Vedas has four parts Samhita, Brahmana, Aranyaka & upanishat.
  • The rituals they practice are (margas) to liberation: bhaktimarga (the path of devotion), jnanamarga (the path of knowledge or philosophy), and karmamarga(the path of works and action).


  • Judaism is monotheistic
  • Their God's name is YHVH he is also called Adonai.
  • The book they use is called Torah.
  • The holidays the celebrate are Hunakkah,Passover,and many more.
  • The rituals they practice are Mitzvot,The 116 Commandments,and many more.


  • Buddist are polytheistic
  • Their God is named Buddha
  • The holy book they use is called Tipitaka.
  • The most significant celebration happens every May on the night of the full moon, when Buddhist all over the world celebrate the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha over 2,500 years ago. It has become to be known as Buddha Day. They also celebrate Buddhist New Year,Vesak or Visakah Puja ("Buddha Day"),and Magha Puja Day (Fourfold Assembly or "Sangha Day")
  • The rituals they practice are Meditation,Mindfulness,Mudras,Veneration of Buddha,Pilgrimages.


  • Islams are monotheistic
  • Theis God's name is Allah and also can be called Arabic.
  • The holy book they use is called Quran
  • The holidays they celebrate are Ramadan and Hajj.
  • The rituals the practice are Confessions of faith, Ritual prayer, Alms tax, Fasting during the month of Ramadan, and Pilgrimage of Mecca.

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