Murdered Innocence

Victimized Newborn

Quote: Chapter 1, p.13

" The last casualty that we saw that evening was a woman who carried her baby on her back. Blood was running down her dress and dripping behind her making a trail. Her child had been shot dead as we ran for her life. Luckily for her, the bullet didn't go through the baby's body. When she stopped at where we stood, she sat on the ground and removed her child. It was a girl, and her eyes were still open, with an interrupted innocent smile on her face. The bullets could be seen sticking out just a little bit in the baby's body and she was swelling. The mother clung to her child and rocked her. She was in too much pain and shock to shed tears."

Importance of quote

This quote expressed strong imagery using a mother and a newborn baby girl as examples to allow the reader to understand one of the many destructions caused by the current war. Aside from the graphic scenes mentioned in the book, this particular situation is a perfect example that can be used as an eye opener, mostly emotionally impacting to the reader. The quote points out the desperation of the people to find safety and the tragic sadness where people of any age die no matter what.


As Mattru Jong was being attacked, the few survivors walked in hope of finding safety. Most of them carried their dead relatives, like the woman shown in the flyer above. She had her baby wrapped around her back as she escaped from the rebels; later did she realize her child was dead. This scene is cruel and reckless, leaving people in shock to think that a person can murder anybody no matter the age. The mother was devastated by the loss of her dead child as stated in the quote. This is one of the many situations where innocent people are killed as the war began and throughout.