How to care for your cat/kitten

Facts on how to care for your kitten/cat

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Depending on the foods you decide to buy for your furry little friend it would normally range from $9 to $23 in a way depending on how many lb.

Food and water bowls normally cost from $3 to $12 to feed and give your cat water or you can just use two bowls from your kitchen.

Vactionations would cost from $45 to $85 in the first year, but will be about $10 to $35 per year after.

Time and Commitment

Getting a kitten means clearing some time from your day to feed and give them water as well to box train them.


When it comes to food most cats are allergic to fish so if there is no fish or trout in it it can most likely be trusted. As well when you read the ingredients the most heavy in the food will be listed at the top going in order from the heaviest to the lightest ingredients.

Other Tips

  1. Some white cats suffer from congenital deafness caused by a degeneration of the inner ear. This condition is associated with blue irises. In white cats with mixed-coloured eyes (odd-eyed cats), it has been found that deafness is more likely to affect the ear on the blue-eyed side. And when you cut a cats claws the less you remove the better and when you cut a part off the tip of their pad that would be like you cutting off the tip of your finger.