Taiwan vs New Zealand

By Hsin-Yu Miu


Taiwan: 23,415,126 people

New Zealand : 4,438,393 people

There are 18,976,733 more people in Taiwan than in NZ.

Land Area

Taiwan: 32,260 square km

New Zealand: 267,710 square km

The area of Taiwan is 12% of the area of New Zealand.

Area Per Capita

Taiwan: 1.37 square metres per capita

New Zealand: 60.31 square metres per capita

New Zealanders have approximately 44 times more space.

Infant Mortality Rate (deaths/live births):

Taiwan: 4.44/1000

That's one out of every 225 infants.

New Zealand: 4.52/1000

That's one out of every 221 infants.

Carbon Dioxide emission from energy consumption:

Taiwan: 307.1 million Mt

New Zealand: 37.89 million Mt

NZ emits around 12% of the amount of carbon dioxide Taiwan emits.

Extra Stats

Life Expectancy (at birth):

TW: 79.98 yrs

NZ: 81.05 yrs

Internet users (% of population):

TW: 70%

NZ: 91.5%


TW: 4%

NZ: 5.7%