Dive with Sharks and live!

The risks and rewards of diving with sharks


There are many risks for shark diving. Some of them include being bitten, air malfunctions and the cage breaking. "The great white sharks seems to get its head stuck inside the bars of the safety cage...". (The terrifying moment a great white got INSIDE a cage and almost ate a newlywed for dinner). The man did not die but he very we'll could have. "Shark attack: Jason Dimitri was attacked by this shark, he had to fend it off with a spear."(deep blue danger). This was another evidence from mail online exept this man was attacked diving without a cage.
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So, we talked about the risks of shark diving now it's time for some rewards! Some rewards would include seeing the beauty of the sharks, having fun, and looking at all the pretty fish.

"If you dive with sharks, they've undoubtedly stolen your heart." ( debunking myths about shark diving). The rest of the article is abouthow you can save them by diving with them and promoting sharks. "Shark diving allowes shark enthusiasts and researchers...an easy way to observe the extraordinary world of great white sharks,

Whale sharks and more."( how to help sharks as a diver).

My Opinion

Honestly, I love sharks so of course I think yes defiantly the risks would pay off to get the rewards. I wish that more shark diving companies would promote the safety of sharks because they could be extinct soon. I obviously would take the risk to go and see the sharks because I've always wanted to do that. "Shark diving is unique in the fact that the rewards often far exceed the effort both physically and mentally" ( What is shark diving?). This shows how it could help your body so yes I think the reward outweighs the risks.

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