house of robots

James Patterson, Emmanuel agoro b1


mom: sammy's mom invents robots but sammy thinks that she is fun until she made e then he started to hate robots

sammy: Sammy's [ main character / antagonist] life has been crazy ever since e [a robot] moved in with him he hates e

e: he's really annoying to sammy but his mom even made him go to school with sammy e even started a riot


the story's setting starts at Sammy's house. at says house its a racket at the house there's always something flying around. The second place is at the bus stop. at the bus stop sammy friends meet e they think he's freaky but sammy is with them. the third setting is at the school. at the school e basically ruins Sammy's life he embarrasses sammy at the school and even starts a riot

man vs man/ conflict

the main is that Sammy needs to find a way to get rid of e so e won't completely ruin sammy's school career sammy goes through riots, humiliation, and even gets embarised in front of the hole school. "sammy says the plan get rid of e".


the main theme of my book was a kid who has to survive a robot who acts like his brother but the kid hates the robot


i recommend this book because it is funny it gave me a good laugh and it also has a few things that were so funny they made me choke