By Marie Lu

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Main Characters

June Iparis- June is a fifteen year old who used to be the Republic's golden girl. She scored a perfect score at her Trial and was born into an elite family. Thus all turns around though when the Republic caught Day, and she helped set him free. June has long, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes with hints of gold in them.

Day- Day is one of the Republic's most wanted guys. He is a fifteen year old who grew up in the poor parts of the Republic. He was supposedly executed but June helped him escape. He has bright blue eyes and long white, blonde hair. He also has a limp in one of his legs.

Tess- Tess was abandoned by her parents when she was ten. She was taken in by Day and lived with him on the streets. She is now thirteen and part of the Patriots. She is extremely jealous of June because Day likes June and not her.

Anden Stravropoulos- Anden is the new Elector of the Republic. He isn't taken as seriously as his father was and has many different views than he did. It is believed that he may have a love interest in June.


June and day has just escaped the Republic. when they get to Vegas, something that no one expected to happen happened, the Elector dies. With the old Elector dead, his son, Anden, must take his place. The Patriots jump on this opportunity and help Day find his brother and get to the Colonies. Although the Patriots don't work for free, Day must help them assassinate the Elector.

As the plan unfolds and June goes to speak with Elector and lead him to his assassination, she learns that he is nothing like his father. She must make the decision to let the Patriots carry through with their plans to kill him, or risk her own life and stop the assassination plot.


The overall theme of Prodigy is overcoming obstacles. In the book, Day had to work for the patriots so that they could help him find his brother, Eden, who the Republic took. Day and June had to make many sacrifices to find him including planning to kill and carry out, killing the elector.


In the first part of the book, there is an introduction. During this part of the book, we get a glimpse of what June and Day's lives have been like sunce they escaped the Republic and what their plan is going forward. We also learn about the first conflict here which is how they are going to get people to help them since they have hardly any money and are so recognizable.

During the rising action, which is the second part in the order of plot, we see how June and Day push their way up into the Patriot's ranks and you see them make their way towards the climax of the book which is the task of killing the new Elector.

The third element of plot is the climax. This is the main part of the story where June convinces Day to not kill the elector and they have to struggle to get away from the people who put them up to the task of killing him.

After the climax, you have falling action where Day and June get back to the Republic and they are saved because of siding with the Elector and keeping the patriots from killing him.

Finally, the last element of plot is the revolution. In Prodigy, the resolution is more tragic than good. As Day gets back to be with Eden and can finally be with June, he finds out that he is dying. He then cuts off contact with June to spare his feelings and hers.


The story takes place in the Republic and the Colonies. The two are against eachother. The Republic doesn't want to change the government and the Elector idea, but the Colonies does.