Dining with Class

step by step tips for first time diners

What should you do immediately after you're seated?

You should put your napkin in your lap, and follow the hostess' directions.

What are words I should know on the menu?

  • A la Carte- You can order a single item rather than the whole meal
  • A la mode- The meal is served with ice cream
  • A la- means in style of

How do I get a waiters attention?

Politely raise your hand when they are near but do not wave. Be patient and polite.

What is gratuity and how should I figure it on bill?

Gratuity is the tip given to your waiter, you should take 10% of the price of the bill and add it as the tip.

What should I when I finish my course?

Place utensils on plate, the prongs of the fork should be facing down and the blade of the life should be facing you.

How should I sit?

You should sit with good posture, do not slouch back or push your chair back to cross your legs.

How do I excuse myself from the table?

Say "Excuse me I'll be right back" there is no need to express where you are going especially if to the restroom.

Eating tips?

  • Cutting- Cut your food into bite- size pieces
  • Seasoning- Taste your dish before adding seasoning
  • Chewing- Chew manageable pieces of food, and do not chew with your mouth open