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If you have been thinking about is the time!

ThirtyOne is offering YOU a Rebate on your $99 Kit from Jan 15 - Mar 15. All you have to do is sell $1000 within your first 30 days (easy! the average party is $600 in sales) and you will receive a rebate check for your enrollment kit.

Below is a picture of the beautiful Spring 2014 Enrollment Kit and the Bonus item "Pack n Pour Thermal Set" (a Hostess Exclusive) that they are also including, just for YOU!

We also have a Startswell Program that allows all new consultants to earn more products, right away, to help you be successful in your new business, fast!

Everyone has a different reason as to why they join ThirtyOne. Is it a need for extra cash, some girl time or just a love of the products and wanting to get them at a great discount? Imagine being able to achieve your Why, and have fun doing it!

Contact me anytime, so we can set up a plan for you to earn this rebate, along with other free products and a commission check too!

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Opportunity to Join Thirty-One

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