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News and Notes for January 11th - 15th

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Tuesday, January 12 - 14th - 2nd Grade Cogat Testing

Monday, January 18th - Student Holiday

Tuesday, January 26th - Curriculum Night for Parents and Students

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READING: CoGat testing

WORD STUDY: long /oo/ as in "moose" and short /oo/ as in "cook"

MATH: counting and comparing collections of coins

SOCIAL STUDIES: local, state, and national government

WRITER'S WORKSHOP: completing MOY writing sample; capitalizing proper nouns


Find out what the CogAt Test is and how it is used.

What CogAT Level is Administered to 2nd Graders?

The CogAT Form 7 is divided by age level. Each testing level corresponds to an age, meaning that the Level 8 form is designed for eight-year-old students, who are generally in 2nd grade. Schools often administer the CogAT Level 8 to all 2nd graders.

The CogAT 2nd grade assesses verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative abilities in children, though very little of the test focuses on verbal abilities. The test is comprised of images and figures, with instructions that are read aloud by an instructor and the students choose an answer for each question from a selection of images, therefore not requiring students to read in any of the CogAT Level 8 tests. The only section that focuses on verbal ability is the optional Sentence Completion section. In this section, the instructor reads the directions aloud, and then reads a sentence in which a word is missing. The students must listen and choose the correct image from the answer choices to complete the sentence.

The CogAT Level 8 test is developmentally suitable for 2nd grade students. The test's questions assess how well 2nd graders utilize their reasoning skills in order to solve problems they have not yet learned.

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