By Avarie Channon and Maddi Shady

What They Eat?

They eat or drink anything that has traces of wheat, rye, and or oats for example they mostly eat bread, cake, cookies, cereal. or pasta.

When Is It Celebrated?

It is an 8 day festival from the 15th- 22nd in the Hebrew month

Passover is Celebrated because it is a holiday where kids were freed from slavery. To jews people find this as a huge holiday so they are not permitted to work what so ever.

Insteresting facts

the highlight of a passover is the seder which is celebrated on both all 4 days unlike a lot of stuff which is only usually celebrated on 2 nights because passover is separated into 2 sections the highlights of the seder are

*eating matzah

*eating bitter herbs- to show the bitterness of slavery

*drinking four cups of wine or grape juice- to show the new drink to there new founding freed