Mona McPhee Joins Desh Law International as Senior Counsel

At Desh International Law we get to know our clients well, and tailor solutions to their needs

It is with pleasure that I am announcing that I have joined Desh International Law as Senior Counsel. Desh International Law is a boutique law firm that supports businesses both in the US and in overseas markets. I will continue to offer my personal, first-class legal services and can now also provide the added value of an experienced team with a global reach. I joined Desh International Law because my clients are engaged in the global market. In joining a team that shares the same client service values and offers the right resources in international business, I can now help you to confidently maximize the many business opportunities that are waiting both at home and abroad.

Mona McPhee’s Legal Services

Business Counsel. My trusted legal counsel remains accessible to you and your business and I am continuing my focus in the adventure travel industry. In addition to risk management and regulatory compliance, my services include negotiation of international and domestic business contracts, assistance with distribution chain partnerships, strategic collaborations, employment counsel, and more.

Litigation and Arbitration. For more than a decade I have been litigating commercial, contract, and employment disputes, insurance coverage denials and a range of other civil matters. What that means for you is that I can efficiently handle simple disputes and carry the heavy loads of complex litigation and arbitration whether at the domestic or international level, while providing cost-conscious advice and attentive counsel.

Desh International Law

The team at Desh International Law boasts experience, skills, and expertise in:

  • Cross-border Transactions
  • Litigation & Arbitration
  • Franchising
  • Technology Licensing
  • Export Controls
  • Corporate Set Up and Start Up
  • Private Placements
  • Overseas market access and regulatory requirements
  • Immigration
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Trade Policy Advocacy to the U.S. Government
  • International Taxation

The team also fluidly works across cultures with multiple bilingual attorneys, including fluency and knowledge in English, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, French, German, and Polish.

To take advantage of the range and reach of our services offered with personal attention, please call me at (425) 242-3398 or visit our website at You can also reach me at:

Mona K. McPhee

Desh International Law

400 108th Avenue NE, Suite 700

Bellevue, WA 98004

(425) 242-3398 (office)

(360) 870-0769 (cell)

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(We're still working to update the integration of the electronic aspects my practice, i.e., the blog site URL, into Desh International Law's. In the meantime, all the former contact information will remain live for some time.)

July 16th Inbound Investment Program at Desh International Law

Wednesday, July 16th, 12pm

108th Avenue NE, Suite 700, Bellevue, WA 98004

Join us July 16th at noon for Desh International Law’s Global Business Roundtable: “Growing Your Business With Overseas Investment Capital”


Private equity and bank loans are traditional ways that companies finance their expansion. In recent years, a third option has become more popular: investment from overseas. This can take various forms, including direct investment and through the EB5 immigration investment program. On Wednesday, July 16th, we will be discussing both scenarios and will be joined by Admand Wong, who represents several family groups in Asia seeking investment opportunities in the US. Mr. Wong will discuss some of the motivations of the overseas investor, as well as the types of opportunities being sought. Desh International’s Pradnya Desh will also discuss the EB5 immigration investment option as another avenue for companies to access capital for project and business growth.


Please be aware that the information in this announcement is not a substitute for legal advice, which can only be given after considering the specifics of your company and its business practices. We make no representation that this information will protect any legal rights or obligations or provide actual money saving results. Every company and circumstance are different. In order to protect your legal rights and obligations and accurately apply the information provided here to your company, you should consult with an attorney. For legal counsel you may wish to contact Mona McPhee at Desh Law International.


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