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But first, a plea...

Would you consider "adopting" a child trafficking survivor for Christmas? $5 provides a stuffed bear. $38 provides a counseling session. $425 provides assistance throughout the legal process. ANY amount goes a long way toward healing and hope!

Click here to make a US tax-deductible donation. ALL funds raised will go DIRECTLY to providing services for child trafficking survivors through the HUG Project Thailand. Thank you for caring and sharing!

Silence Breakers and Simplified Stories

My heart rejoices when (fellow) survivors of sexual abuse have the courage to tell their stories. "Shame cannot survive being spoken."- Brene Brown. I am also encouraged to see tough sentences being carried out as in this case and this case. Yet, as I read responses to these events, I hear two themes emerging that don't align with what I'm seeing "on the front lines":

  1. #metoo is all about- and only about- men perpetrating against women. Of course, it's about the misuse of power. And yes, men are typically in the position of power. But victims are not always female. 12 of the 21 victims our project assisted this year are boys. Out of 13 arrests (in Thailand) in October as part of Operation Cross Country, 3 of those arrested were female.
  2. Child Pornography can be compartmentalized. This is the idea that there is no crossover between pornography, sexual abuse, prostitution, or human trafficking. Out of the last 29 TICAC (Thailand Internet Crimes Against Children) cases of child pornography, 7 of them had overlapping charges of sexual abuse, human trafficking, or both.

The links between all forms of sexual exploitation are complicated. But they exist. And oversimplifying- both problems and solutions ("Just lock 'em up and throw away the key")- is not particularly helpful. Two questions I'm not hearing:

  1. Why are both offenders and victims getting younger and younger?
  2. How can we raise an entire generation on a steady diet of violent, pornified media and then wonder?

Thank you for your support in 2017...

I'm learning how much I don't know. Including what's next. I'm learning to live in the not knowing. Struggling still. But learning to trust God with both the hard and the beautiful.

Wishing you a joyful, peaceful season~ By His Grace, I will get to spend Christmas with both daughters here. Grateful!