Mrs. Kean's Newsletter

CSA Lincoln

Languare Arts

Students will learn about Main idea and supporting details. They will be reading different nonfiction books and figuring out each headings main idea and supporting details.


Students will learn how to weigh objects in grams and lbs. They will learn how to decide which measurement to use for an object.

Look at US!

Upcoming Events!

Rainbow Store

Our class will shop on the last Friday of every month. This gives students the chance to save some money!

Here are our dates:

Jan. 29th

Feb 26th

March 25th

April 29th

May 20th

Stuff you need to know!

Regan Cooper and her family are moving to Michigan over the holiday break. We will miss her bright smiling face. I know her new school teacher will love her and she will make a lot of new friends.

Mrs. Kean

Thanks for all of the wonderful presents, homemade crafts, food, and gift cards. It was very thoughtful of you all. I am most thankful for my wonderful class of students. They continue to amaze me everyday. Have a wonderful break!