Fullerton Weekly Update

Week of: 10-26-20

A Good Start!

This past week was exiting for the Fullerton community as we welcomed our in-person learners. On Monday, some of our new Lions, our in-person Kindergartners transitioned successfully to their new school and on Thursday we returned our students in grades 1 - 5. It was also encouraging to see our remote learners via Zoom. Many thanks to the Fulerton staff for the time and effort they have put forth to implement these two learning models and the subsequent learning schedule. We look forward to anohter successful week under these learning models.

Self-Certification for Hybrid Learners

Prior to entering Fullerton, all parents of Hybrid Learners must Self-Certify that their child is free of COVID-19 symptoms. The daily student Self-Certification must be done each day. Please remember to log in to Skyward Family Access or using the app. to complete the daily certification. For instructions, please watch this video.

Again, all parents mus Self-Certify their child is free of COVID-19 systems each day in Skyward Family Access. This should be done for all AM and PM in-person learners.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

It is hard to believe but parent/teacher conferences are right around the corner! Conferences will take place on Wednesday, 11/18/20 & Thursday, 11/19/20 from 3:30 to 7:30 pm and on Friday, 11/20/20 from 12:45 to 3:30 pm. Parents who want to conference with their child's teacher must sign up for conferences using Skyward Family Access. The window for parents to schedule conferences in Skyward Family Access will start this Monday, 10-26-20 and will close on 11-6-20 at 4:00 pm. Please reference the below instructions to schedule a conference.

Student Council October Spirit Week

For the final week of October, Student Council is sponsoring a Spirit Week with the following themes. We hope that all of our in-person and remote learners can participate!
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The Fullerton PTA Need YOU!

If you have not done so, please consider becoming a member of the Fullerton PTA! The PTA provides our school with numerous activities and funds that are essential to the success of our school community. Please support the Fullerton PTA by becoming a member. Membership is only $10 per family and there is no obligation to participate in any committee unless you would like. To sign up for the PTA you can pay online @ https://fullertonpta.memberhub.store/

Arrival Expectations/Procedures

  • Parents can begin dropping students off at 8:30 am for AM session and 12:30 pm for PM session. Students will not be allowed access into the building prior to these times nor should they be dropped off to wait outside.

  • All students are to be dropped off in the “Big Lot” on the west side of the building. Only buses will be allowed in the “Small Lot” on the east side of the building.

  • We do not allow families to park their cars and get out to pick-up or drop off their students. This causes a traffic hazard and we want all of our students to be safe.

  • Students will enter through their assigned grade level entrances upon their arrival

  • Signage will be posted at each entrance/exit indicating direction and student traffic flow.

  • Upon entering school, students will go directly to their classroom.

  • Classroom teachers will supervise individual classrooms beginning at 8:30 am for the AM session and at 12:30 pm for the PM session while outside supervision will be provided starting at the same times.

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Dismissal Expectations/Procedures

Car Riders:

  • Dismissal will be 11:15 am for the AM session and 3:15 pm for the PM session. Vehicles may not enter the “Big Lot”, west side, earlier than 11:00 am for the AM session and 3:00 pm for the PM session

  • Students will exit through their assigned grade level exit upon dismissal. This will be the same door they entered through.

  • All students are to be picked-up in the “Big Lot” on the west side of the building. Only buses will be allowed in the “Small Lot” on the east side of the building.

  • We do not allow families to park their cars and get out to pick-up or drop off their students. This causes a traffic hazard and we want all of our students to be safe.

  • All vehicles exiting the “Big Lot” can only make a right turn out of the lot. This is the Addison Police Department’s policy and will be enforced. Wenbriar Square and the nearby strip mall parking lot are not to be used for drop off or pick-up.

  • Students will be dismissed upon parent arrival using new Dismissal Procedures.

    Bus Riders:

    Bussers will exit through the door that was used for entry upon bus arrival. See color coded map.


    For students that walk to school, Addison School District 4 has ensured that crossing guards will be in place for students to safely walk to school. Crossing guards will be stationed from 8:20 to 8:50 am and 11:15 to 11:30 am for the morning session. Then from 12:30 to 1:00 pm and 3:15 to 3:30 pm for the afternoon session.

    Dismissal Car Tag System

    All in-person learners should have recieved a Car Tag from their classroom teacher this past week. The Car Tag has an assigned number that will be used to help streamline our car rider dismissal process and ensure we are social distancing during this time. The Car Tag will need to be placed on the inside of your front passenger side window or dashboard. This will allow Fullerton staff to communicate the dismissal of your child to their classroom teacher. Please see the below video that explains this process.

    ASD 4 Food Distribution

    Good News! The USDA has approved to extend the Summer Food Service Program until the end of the 2021 School Year (June 2021). This means that children 18 years and under can receive a meal at no charge. ASD 4 will continue to distribute meals every Wednesday between the hours of 10:30 am - 12:30 pm at Indian Trail, Fullerton, Lake Park and Lincoln. Food distribution includes a 7 day Meal Package of both breakfast and lunch.

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