China in the Middle Ages

Chapter 12

Chinese Culture

-In China, people will go to the hospital no matter what the problem may be. It could be as little as a cold.

-China became a communist country in 1949.

-China has a population (1997 estimate) of 1,226,274,731.

-The Chinese have had a written language for more then 3,000 years.

-More than 80 % of the Chinese population live in the countryside. Most live in villages where their ancestors toiled through generations.

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What Trade was Like in China

-Traded salt, iron, fish, cattle, and silk.

-There was the trade route that went from China to Eastern Europe called the Silk Road; it was called the Silk Road because one of the most important trade items were Silk.

-Merchants and tradesmen traveled in large caravans.

-Camels were also used to travel because of the roads bring dry.

-Plants and medicines were other items that were traded.

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