How Does 3D Printing Work?

By Jazmin M.

Did you know there is something in the world that can print body parts, food, and toys? What a wide and random range of things. But guess what, there is many devices that can do it. They are called 3D printers.

3D printers are different from regular or ordinary printers. 3D printing is when you make a 3D figure out of a computer file is what the author on 3D says. Some materials that 3D printing can use are over 100. But just to give you some examples it can print some things like plastic, metal, and Nylon. Another name for 3D printing is Rapid prototyping since the 3D printer makes 3 dimensional objects layer by layer.

To understand the definition of 3D printing you need to know how it works. It starts by simply making a design on a computer of what you want to print. To make the design you have to have a CAD, which according to stands for Computer Aided Design. These CADs are in a 3D printing program. Another simpler way to create the design is to get a 3D scanner. A 3D scanner makes a design out of any object. Companies like Google and Microsoft had made a 3D scanner for their devices. Some people believe that many phones or small devices soon will have a 3D scanner. The last step before the printer prints is that the digital file slices the object in the design into thousands of layers. Finally the object is created when the printer reads each layer and make the object layer by layer. The final product is your 3D object that you wanted without any visible signs that the file ‘sliced’ the object.

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3D printing has tons of downsides but it also includes many good things too. Here are just a few.

One good thing that 3D printing includes is that it has many varieties of things it can make. The choices are very varied. Some people will get creative and open a new window of ideas of things they can print since they can create their own design. Many people would agree that 3D printing’s biggest advantage would be that it could print living and working organs for people who need transplants. Now that I have told you a few of the advantages I can tell you some disadvantages. One disadvantage would be that 3D printing has limited materials that it can ‘print’ with. The opposite from what people do with the body parts many people use the 3D printing to make weapons. Many people could be walking in the streets with a 3D printer in their hand and a weapon. Many people are against 3D printing because people now could just print any supplies people may need. LIke many people could print a new bicycle instead of buying one. This could lower jobs and money communities would need.

The invention 3D printing has given us a glimpse of the future. The world is changing and so is the technology. Who knows maybe one day we can ‘print’ the future.

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