Mrs. Richardson's News

December 16th, 2016

Special Edition...

I wanted to send a separate newsletter this week just for my class. Below you will find some information about this week and the new year.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for all of your support the first semester of school! I know that we have asked for several things to be sent in for the class parties, fall festival, veteran package, Christmas stations, food basket, etc! Thank you for being so generous all year long!

Reminders for This Week!


Fireplace Day!

Students may bring:

  • small blanket
  • pillow
  • small stuffed animal
  • Students may also wear pjs


Class Party

  • Please send in the items that you signed up for on Monday for the party.

Below is list of the items we need for our party and who has signed up for what! THANKS!

Big image
Big image


We will be wrapping up our 9 weeks on Tuesday this week. All late and missing assignments will be due by Tuesday when we leave. I have reminded each student individually over the last week what is due. Also, when looking at science and social studies grades, all BrainPop video quizzes can be taken again. If you have questions about grades that are missing or low scores, please ask your child first, then if you have further questions, feel free to email/call me. If you see an "I" on your child's progress report from last week, it means that they are missing an assignment(s). You can check Harmony for a detailed report.


This semester I have been using Canvas for several assignments, quizzes and tests. Since Canvas is still new to us at SCSD2, I'm still learning and have made mistakes on quizzes and tests. It has definitely been a learning process for me and my students have been very patient with me and my mistakes. If you have been viewing scores on Canvas you may have seen some mistakes and I apologize.

Also, I do grade several papers online and you can find those scores on your child's iPad. You can also see comments that I make and what questions are wrong.

To find graded papers:

  • Go to Canvas
  • Click on the left under assignments
  • Click on the assignments to see comments/scores.


JES will be using Pinwheel in January. Please check it out at

You will be able to sign up for events at JES like spell bowl, math bowl, drama club, science club, etc.

Also, several students have been asking to call home about after school practices and do not know their phone number. This is something that your child really needs to know, not only for school reasons, but for emergency situations too.

Class Dojo for the NEW YEAR...2017

I have cleared out all points for our Class Dojo and will be restarting after Christmas. If you are not signed up for Class Dojo, please do! I will be sending messages, pictures, and behavior points on this app weekly. I will also be sending home a behavior report weekly too.