PhaseOne Brainstorming Session

Futurlogic: 5.7.13

General Questions

Overall goals for the company in 2013 and beyond

All over the site, it talks about PhaseOne as the best kept secret in marketing? Is this stealth positioning something you want to maintain? Why?

Has PhaseOne ever launched a CMO targeted marketing effort?

Should we consider leveraging the company's national security credentials into. A "military grade" solution for marketers?

Where does the name PhaseOne originate?

Open to a website redesign and overall brand modernization?

What are the industry client segments that are the heavy users of these services?

Potential for B2C products and services?

What is PhaseOne's direct relationship to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google?

Others in the defense contractor sector exporting data mining expertise to the marketing world? from SRA?

Can the SI Org / PhaseOne culture accept early-stage startup energy inside, or adjacent to, the organization? PhaseOne VC?

What are the dream clients to win?

What is the pitch process like to secure new business in this space?

Are big 4 global holding companies aware of the power of Phase One? do the view ou as a threat or an alliance partner in the ecosystem?

What's Gallup doing in this space?

Is there a "Steve Jobs" of Big Data? Does any one firm have a serious brand in the space beside IBM and other firms of its size?

Is there a David and Goliath case study in the space, where a small upstart significantly disrupted the sector?

Has PhaseOne done branding /research work for the government? Political campaigns?


Humanization of Big Data

Automated Storytelling: Kris Hammond for the Future of StoryTelling 2012

Rise of the Big Data Entrepreneur

A deluge of venture back, young companies that focus on data analytics are entering the market this year. Threat or opportunity?
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data mining for indivdiuals


data mining for small business

The Battle for Software and Data Engineering Talent Is On

The Rise of the Portfolio vs. the Credential

App Academy is an intensive 10 week, web development course in San Francisco.

The student only pays the tuition if they find a job as a developer after the program.

The first batch graduated in September 2012. 93% of the 40 initial graduates got offers or are working in tech jobs now at an average salary of $83,000.

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10 Week Software Developer Bootcamps are Launching at a Furious Pace

In the past year, more than a dozen software development bootcamp-schools have emerged. Each are usually 10 weeks long, $6-10,000 tuition, and are located in high demand markets like San Francisco, Boston and New York.

Emulate the Cisco Networking Academy, but for Big Data

Every year, the Cisco Networking Academy program teaches hundreds of thousands of students worldwide the skills needed to build, design, and maintain, networks, improving their career prospects while filling the global demand for networking professionals.

With 10,000 academies in 165 countries, Networking Academy helps individuals prepare for industry-recognized certifications and entry-level information and communication technology (ICT) careers in virtually every type of industry.

Students develop foundational skills in ICT while acquiring vital 21st-century career skills in problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Cisco Networking Academy

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Partner with RPI

Rensselaer and IBM is the latest in a longstanding relationship. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is the first university to receive an IBM Watson system to further cutting edge research, and afford faculty and students opportunities to learn essential Big Data, analytics and cognitive computing skills, while finding new uses for Watson to help deepen the system’s cognitive capabilities.

It is also launching a new 1 year Masters in Business Analytics this Fall.

Launch PhaseOne Big Data Institute in 2013

Right now is the perfect time for launching a graduate program dedicated to Business Analytics.

These jobs are in high demand across industry verticals. According to job sites, GlassDoor, and Simply, right now there are more than 6,000 openings for data scientist jobs.

Looking into the not too distant future, market researcher, Gartner, estimates 1.9 million Big Data jobs will be created in the U.S. by 2015.

Thought Starters

Mass Bespoke Messaging / Mass Intimacy

Data Simplexity

Anticipatory AI

True Semantic Search

bernhard angerer

Global Micro-Branding


Chief Data Officer vs. Head of Research

The Future is Present: AI Tutors

Artificially intelligent, autonomous marketing systems, that can analyze a campaign's performance and make very focused, prescriptive recommendations is now available. Imagine this power when combined with hyper-realistic avatars that present the data in a human, digestable manner.
Peter Weyland at TED2023: I will change the world (Full Length TEDTalk) [HD 1080p]
Gas Prices Explained
The Phoenix Lecture Series "Behind The Scenes"

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