St. Augstine


Some of St. Austine's work

St. Augstine was a famous writer, he wrote about the sermons he gave. Some of his famous books are Confessions, City of God, and on the Trinity. He also wrote 500 letters and variety of other works. st. Austine was also one of the eight doctors of the church.

A opportunity for St. Augstine

St. Augstine got recommended to be a public operator for the city of Milan. St. Augstine got angery with Manicheasim and he broke off. This happened because he was influenced by someone.

Here is a picture of St. Augstine

Early Life of St. Augstine


St.Augstine was born in the town of Thagsate on the coast of Northern Africa which is now Alegria. St. Augstine was a teacher and a public speaker. His parents wanted to have a good Roman education but he forced to go back to Thagsate because of money issue's.


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