Malala Yousafzai

Female Education Activist


Malala Yousafzai was born on July 22 1997 (age 17) in Mingora, North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan. In her “childhood”, though she is still a child, Malala went through a traumatic Experience. Malala survived the Taliban assassination attempt in 2012, but she did get shot, and abducted with many other girls that were fighting for their education. The location of the shot was beside her left eye. Though she got shot she never stopped wanting to learn and for women in her country to have free education. People like the girls with her when she got abducted look up to her because through her they have a voice, so they didn’t quit either.

Being a Laeder

It has been said that Malala was born to lead not made to lead. Malala had gotten all these great qualities by the way her parents are raising her. There are many great leadership skills within Malala and those are; Honesty, Bravery, responsibility, people skills, communication skills, patience, speaking up, etc. Those are some of the things that make her a great leader. When she was abducted her and some other girls were secretly going back home from school; she showed bravery by standing up to the Taliban for the freedom for girls to attend school. She not only inspired the girls in her county, but girls all over the world to help and to give girls the freedom to an education. Malala had an online blog so she could reach out to other nations for help her get free education for girls.

Why is She a great Leader?

Malala and I have a lot of similarities to each other like we both have a passion for our education. Some other similarities are we both have people skills, we step up and do what needs to get done, and a whole lot of other things. I Want to be a pediatrician, or a designer so this would mostly account for a designer; designers have to be able to give directions, listen, show, explain, and many other things. I think my leadership skills could help me within that career. In the case of Malala I think that the leadership skill that helped her the most was courage. In her case courge was then she went to school when she wasn’t supposed to be, when she wrote the blog, and when she was abducted all thos thinks have helped her become the great leader she is today.

I Wish I Was Like Malala

I want to be more like Malala because she does things that most girls wouldn’t dare to do because there scared. She risked everything to go to school so she could be something, someone someday. She has inspired me to be more grateful for my free education. I don’t think to be a leader you have to show all the traits of a leader to be effective because no one is perfect.