Holding and Keeping Safe!

Keeping Safe!

It is very important to make your home as safe as possible for a baby. Here are some safety tips! Safety is always important for anybody from all ages.

As an baby you should always be aware to keep it safe in its baby crib. Our first safety tip. Make sure you choose a crib with bars no more than 2 3/8 inches apart. If the space between the bars is too wide, your baby could slip through and strangle between the bars.

Second safety tip, shower time! Because children can drown in VERY little water, you should ALWAYS stay with your child when he or she is in the bathtub.

Third safety tip is do not put anything SOFT or FLUFFY things in your baby’s safe sleeping place. (this includes covers, pillows and toys).

These are some safety tips.

Holding your newborn!

There are many ways to hold your babies.

One of them is named "The Cradle Hold." Usually, babies love this position. This position helps support their head, neck, back and the bottom of the baby.

Second holding, the shoulder holding is maybe the most common hold. Known as the winding the babies. This supports the babies head and neck.

Third holding, the sling hold is a great device that allows you to carry the baby with free hands. They tend to cry less and feel comforted by being held close for longer periods.

These are our safety and holding tips for a newborn.