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September 9th, 2019

First Week Successes!

WOW! We are so proud of our students. Between the change in the arrival routine and the transition from summer schedule to school schedule, they have done beautifully. The resilience and adaptability of kids never ceases to amaze me. Although they come home tired and probably a little grouchy, I see smiles and engaged students in every classroom. Thank you for trusting us with your kids. It's our pleasure to serve them.


Kasia Gutierrez

First Day Pics

Construction Updates

What a beautiful parking lot! Arrival and dismissal of students has gone much smoother than in years past. As a reminder, please remember to stay in your car while in the drop off/pick up lane. If you need to get out to help your student into the building, or to pick them up in their classroom, you need to park.

I've heard from many of you regarding the lack of fencing near the parking lot, and also the areas where there was patching that is sticky on the pavement. For the fence, we are working with facilities to put up temporary fencing. This will be the location of our future gym, so a permanent fence is not cost effective. However, we recognize the need to provide some sort of barrier to keep our kids safe. It should be in place within the next 2 weeks.

As for the sticky areas, this is a temporary fix until they are able to get the correct part for the drainage in this area. Expecting the part to be delayed, the construction company wanted to put something in the holes so there wouldn't be a tripping hazard. For now, please attempt to walk around the sticky sections so your child's shoes aren't affected.

9 or less absences is the goal for the 19/20 school year. Every Day Matters.

Every Day Matters with Governor Kate Brown

Upcoming Coffee Chat 10/3

Thank you to the kindergarten parents who attended our first "Tears and Cheers" coffee chat last week. It was great to connect with you. Please join me for our next principal coffee chat at 8:00AM on 10/3. We will discuss the new health standards from the Oregon Department of Education, Erin's Law, expected dates for implementation of curriculum, and the exemption process. I hope to see you there!

How can the Hillsboro School District best spend the funds from the Student Success Act in 20/21? See the link below.

Crosswalk Help on Harewood and Jamie

As discussed last year, due to budget cuts, we do not have the staff hours available to help cover the Harewood and Jamie crosswalk at this time. I would LOVE to work with a group of parents, grandparents, or neighbors, who live South of Harewood to volunteer to help at this intersection. Cars drive too quickly, and I'm worried about the safety of kids walking alone across the street. Please reach out if you are able to volunteer. We will even give you a beautiful bright vest to wear so you look official.

Teacher Donors Choose Projects- Last few weeks to donate!

Upcoming Dates to Remember

9/11- First day of ALL parents signing in to walk back in the morning

9/19- "Rock Your School."- Kids dress in team attire

9/20- Lockdown drill 8:30 AM

9/30- Picture Day